Still Here

Things may look different as you come to this blog, but I'm still here.  To be sure, there's been a lack of posts here over the past year.  Things have been rough and the political situation as we worked our way through the election process did not put me in mind to write anything uplifting.   I could have used the space to stew on the disappointing news that emerged day after day as we trudged toward our current political morass.  I could have spent more time warning people about the dangers of political manipulation like the piece I posted last March before I fell off the face of the earth (or at least the face of this blog).  I could have pushed myself to write something light.  Who knows?  That might have made me feel better.  But, as always, I wanted the posts on this blog to be meaningful, thoughtful, and positive.  Just couldn't sustain that.

So, now-

I've come back and given the blog a fresh new face (mostly because Blogger suggested I look at their fancy new templates) and I plan to write more often than I did in 2016.  Renovation is happening in several areas of my life.  Little opportunities to remake things are presenting themselves, and I'm trying to follow these nudges from the universe to a brighter place.  At the moment, I am completely redesigning our short story website , which entails re-learning a lot of the skills I learned to create it in the first place.  It's giving me some headaches, but there are also moments of triumph when I accomplish the task I set out to do.  I expect that I will be writing another post on this blog soon as a way of clearing my mind from the work I'm doing there.  Already, ideas are bubbling up.

I guess this is the way of things.  Ebb and flow.  Sometimes I write often.  Sometimes, I need to be quiet a while.  But I'm still here, and more words will come in time.


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