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Significance of Numbers

It's a recurring debate we have, my husband and I.  He argues that the universe is built of numbers and math, and I tell him that's nonsense.  Like most of our conflicts, this one is just for fun.  We both know what's up, that the real answers are somewhere beneath all the words, and we actually agree more than the debate would indicate.  Still, we take opposite sides for the sake of the game.

     There is plenty of "proof" out there for his scientific view.  Significant numbers and ratios seem to be all around us when we examine our physical world.  For me, it proves nothing.  The universe is.  Numbers and math were just invented to help us understand what is.  There's really no more significance to any given number than any other.  They have no power of their own.  They are only footholds in a greater comprehension.  The relationships are really the key.  Their pattern is the base of the universe, and math is the expression of that pattern.  Acknowled…


I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions.  It's not that I don't believe in self-reflection or the power of declaring your intent to make positive changes in your life.  I don't think I'm perfect or that I don't need those little adjustments.  We're all capable of honing ourselves by whittling away the bad habits and starting new healthy ones.  It's just always felt a bit artificial to make some grand pronouncement about how you will change just because the old calendar is going in the trash can. (And if you're going to make a change, how about putting it in the recycling bin or investigating ideas for turning it into something new?)  When it's timely to change my ways, I will.  I won't wait for January 1, and I won't doom myself to failure by trying changes I'm not ready for just because I feel new year pressure.

     Nevertheless, I do make Chinese New Year resolutions.  Not logical.  I know.  But, there it is.