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Who Do You Work For

In the midst of a funding crisis in our library system, a local newspaper was doing a story, and our director was contacted (among others) to provide a few anecdotes about things we’ve done for our patrons.Although he was late in opening the last minute e-mail request and missed the deadline, he asked me to think about the assignment anyway.Library funding is a hot topic right now, and he wanted to be prepared if we are asked for such information again.I’m not entirely comfortable with his request.While I do my best for all our patrons and often go beyond our normal routine to help them get what they need, I don’t think what I do makes a good story.Often, though it may mean very much to the patron, what I dig up for them is of little interest to the world at large.On top of that, it’s all part of my job.To brag would be unsuitable and inappropriate.When I go out of my way for a patron, it’s not really special because library workers do these things every day.And that, I supp…

Joy Ride

Think back to when you started learning to drive a car. You haven't learned that skill? Or maybe you're looking forward to that day, but are too young to start? It's no matter. I, myself, didn't learn to drive until my late 20s, much later than usual for those in my area. I only picked this metaphor because it's a common experience for most Americans.
And, yes, of course it's a metaphor. Did you think this would be any different? There's a lot to learn about life by looking at how we approach other skills. What I say here can apply to nearly any skill; so if you can't relate to learning to drive, you can think of the early days of a skill you practice and read on.

As eager as you may be at first, you are also nervous. You find there's so much more to driving than you previously thought, and you worry over every little thing. You struggle to remember all the steps. Discouragement follows every mistake, and there is a dark cloud of possible d…