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Group Project

Life is a group project.

In school, the assignment of a group project is usually met with mixed emotions.  There may be excitement at the prospect of doing something off the norm, the chance for a little socialization in what is usually a solitary activity.  You may have the opportunity to work with your friends.  On the other hand, an assignment is still an assignment, and there may be anxiety if your partners are not your choice.  Getting stuck randomly in a group that doesn't click can make a complex assignment seem even longer.  Most of us have found ourselves in that painful situation at one time or another.

Observing the dynamics of the group can be as informative as the project itself.  Some will naturally let their leadership or organizational abilities shine.  Others will be good followers, happy to be splitting the work among the students in the group.  There are opportunities for individuals to contribute their ideas and for creativity to blossom.  Compromise and adapta…