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Unique Together

This week, I have been reflecting on Gen Con.  I realize that many readers may not be familiar with this event, now in its 45th year, so here's a little introduction and history.  Gen Con began as a smallish gathering of wargame fans in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Less than 100 people participated, playing mostly military miniatures battles and a few other strategy games.  This was so much fun and considered such a success that it became an annual event, growing each year to more than 41,000 attendees at its most recent.  The convention has moved around a bit over the years, settling in Milwaukee for a time, then moving to Indianapolis a decade ago. (I first went during its Milwaukee years)  As it expanded, it became more and more inclusive.  Other types of games were represented, role-playing, card games, board games and video games.  Related interests like art, film, writing and costumes were welcomed.  Events and seminars for all sorts of skills and hobbies were added, both f…

This Is Not My Chair

In the week following my trip to the emergency room, I've been to and from the doctor's office a couple of times.  I've submitted to tests that were inconvenient and unpleasant, all while recovering and trying to maintain something like a normal life at home and work.  It turns out I have a combination of conditions that can be addressed and overcome, or at least endured.  Things will ultimately be OK.  However, my last doctor visit was a bit turbulent.  There was the anxiety of discovering a new ailment, the process of absorbing information and weighing treatment options, considering what path might work with my current insurance.  I was sent off to fetch medicine only to be turned away by the pharmacy because the insurance company would only work directly with the doctor on approving this treatment.  That meant a second trip to the doctor that day, and a long explanation of the circumstances.  I'm still waiting on the arrangements to be made so that I can proce…