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We all go through our lives collecting regrets. We note our mistakes, the bad choices we make, the people we hurt. We remember things we wish we hadn't done and the opportunities that passed us by. We can't help it. It's a curse of self-awareness that we tend to look back and analyze.
For me, regrets are most often the lost relationships, either absence of contact or distance from those who were once close and constant parts of my life. Rarely are these the sort of explosive, dramatic separations that drive the plots of movies and novels. They are a more muted loss, wherein you just wake one day to the realization that you've drifted from where you thought you were. The landscape has changed and things are merely not as they were. Maybe your busy lives have distracted you both and suddenly, you have completely lost each other in the crowd. It happens more often than you'd think. What lucky soul among us can say they still share the heartfelt camaraderie an…