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Love Your Weeds

On some level, most of us feel a resonance with growing things. You may not see yourself as a gardener. You may not consider your thumbs green, but chances are, you feel plants are a positive thing. In general, people enjoy having potted plants in their home or office. Hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls decorate with foliage because people like it. Greenery softens the hard edges and improves the general atmosphere of a place. We put fruit or flowers on the table or present a bouquet to a friend because they make people happy. Just the idea of plants is symbolic of abundance, growth and good things.
In springtime, we are thrilled by the first pale green sprouts that poke out of the frosty earth. We anticipate sunny days spent communing with the life we see emerging all around us. That recognition of life and its potential to nourish us lies at the heart of our affinity for the plant kingdom. It's what turns so many of us into gardeners and groomers of our own little …