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It Just Works

At a certain point early on, a child begins to understand that things happen for reasons.  Before that point, the whole world is magical.  Things just work.  The example I was given of this stage of perception was that young child opening the cabinet each morning and the cereal is just there.  No concept of where it had come from, the store or the farm.  No concept that it might not be there one day.  It just is.

     Gradually, understanding comes.  We begin to see the paths that lead to the ends.  As we grow, knowledge of consequences enables us to solve problems or reach our goals.  Still, there is some blindness in each of us.

     As adults, we know the fact that everything has an origin.  Whether that was a natural process or human intervention, whatis exists because of what was.Awareness of the fact usually requires concious thought that we don't often engage in our daily lives.  You roll out of bed in the morning, furious with your alarm clock, and you don't reall…