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Busha's Recipe Book

Every family has their own nickname for Grandma- Gran, Nana, Mimaw, Noni.  They're influenced by culture and tradition, not to mention what little tongues are capable of saying clearly.  My mother's grandmother was Busha, short for "Babushka", a word meaning either a grandmother, an elderly woman, or a headscarf in Russia or Poland.  I never knew her personally because she passed away when my mom was still in grade school, but Busha, my Great Grandma Sobey, was still a part of my life.  I grew up with stories about her life, saw her picture on the shelf, thumbed through the handwritten cookbook she left behind, and every year as Christmas neared, her soft gingerbread cookies were part of the pantheon of treats we made with Mom.

     So, this year, as I have been sharing favourite holiday recipes in various places on the internet (see our Facebook page or the Wordpress blog I've started as a place for that kind of thing) I naturally thought of Busha's gin…