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Ah, Summertime!
When life becomes a full-speed tumble through weddings, graduations, picnics, and all sorts of social events that rush from invitation to "holy cow! That's tomorrow?  Wait, what day is today?" so fast you can feel the breeze as they pass.  Your evenings are spent with chores you couldn't get to on the weekend, and you barely have time to breathe much less compose a thoughtful blog post.

What happened to the time when summers were long days filled with tree-climbing, bike rides, fishing and swimming?  When soft dark nights were right for stargazing, firefly hunts or crack-the-whip?  Then again, I guess that was just another kind of tumble.

So, point one: I apologize for the posting delay, and the meager offering this time around.

And point two: If I don't get around to another post as soon as you'd like, please imagine me with a jar of fireflies.

And, yes, it's close enough to summer; my thermometer tells me so.