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What follows is a short story I wrote for my family and friends this holiday. I know it's a longer post than usual, but I wanted to share it with you here. Happy Holidays!
Caroling A chatter of icy snow whipped against the plastic covered windows, driven by a wind that sought the seemingly insignificant cracks as invitations to Charlie’s home.The invading chill battled the meager heat produced by the trailer’s little furnace, but the result was always the same.Charlie knew he was in no danger of freezing to death, but neither was he likely to be comfortable without the help of thick socks and warm sweaters.Winter wasn’t too bad in the old mobile home except when the bitter wind was blowing like it did tonight.He set aside the paper he had been grading and pulled his chilly hands under the blanket to warm them a while. Christmas break, he thought as he looked around his darkened living room, and here I sit alone in the quiet, working.The light of one table lamp glinted on the garla…