Sorrow's Ashes

Well, we've finally done it.  After years of writing, editing, rewriting, soliciting agents, researching self-publishing, and formatting our book to suit the publisher, the novel my husband and I started together is available in paperback form.  Along the way, I've had to learn a lot of new things. I built a website, and I switched to an entirely new word processing program.  I've converted all sorts of files and studied advice on working with digital images to get the right results in the final print.  In the story, we've had to adjust some of our original ideas, and the book that's published now is a little different than the early manuscripts we distributed to friends and family for review.  But I think, all in all, it's a stronger piece.

And it's fatter, too.  I honestly didn't realize how thick it would get when we converted it from standard letter sized pages to a 6 x 9 trade paperback book.  Still, it was a very satisfying feeling to hold the proof in our hands.  This was our book, and even though I could recite pieces of the story at this stage, I felt tempted to sit down and read it from start to finish again.

So, what do we do now that we're "done" with Sorrow's Ashes?  We'll do a bit of promotion, of course, but what this stage means to me is that I'm now free to focus on the next story.  While we've each started chapters for the next book, we now have our goal clearly in mind - a real, possible goal of publishing another novel.  It may take a while to complete the next stage, especially while my husband is simultaneously working full time and attending college.  I may have to take a much larger share of the writing this time around, but it's still a realistic goal.  We did it once, right?

If you're a fantasy reader, I invite you to discover our novel.  It's being sold on Amazon (click the book cover below) in paperback only at this time.  However, we intend to convert it to Kindle e-book soon, also.  If you do buy a copy of the paperback, email us a picture of yourself with the book, and we will send an additional thank you gift.  Our email is
We would also appreciate an honest review from any readers who are so inclined.

 Sorrow's Ashes on Amazon

ISBN-13: 978-1518857003

And for those of you who have listened to me talk about this work for so many years, I thank you for your patience.


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